Former prostitute who slept with 10,000 men reveals what men really want in bed (PHOTOS)

Gwyneth Montenegro. Photo credit: Facebook

A former sex worker who has slept with over 10,000 men has revealed exactly what it’s like in the sex industry and what men really want in the bedroom.

Gwyneth Montenegro was 21 when she first stepped into a brothel, lured by the prospect of earning £572 (AU$1,000) for an hour’s work.

The sex worker spent 12 years sleeping with well-known lawyers, politicians and musicians, but now, aged 39, is glad to be out the other side.

She lifted the lid on her life between the sheets and said: “I was so young and naive when I started out. I was a good country girl.

“I was so surprised when someone paid me for sex.

“I wasn’t very experienced and the ladies told me ‘our basic thing is basic sex and a massage’.

“I was naive, I didn’t even know what the ‘extras’ were.”

Photo credit: Facebook
Photo credit: Facebook

Gwyneth would charge between £286 and £572 per hour depending on the “services” involved.

She said: “The money was really good and the money is what kept me in the industry for all those years. I don’t recommend anyone do it.”

And while many think that people book prostitutes to fulfil wild fantasies, the reality is often a little less crazy.

She revealed: “A lot of them don’t want all this hardcore kinky sex — that’s such a small percentage of the men.

“I was in the industry for 12 years — that’s a long time. But I didn’t see a lot of the men that had these sick fantasies.

“But it’s more than just sex. A lot of the clients I would see would be an hour plus and I mean sure, they wanted the sex, but a big part of my job was just talking.

“There was always some sort of psychological game from it. There was always a feeling of … you could sort of tell they felt more validated as a man or some of them felt like ‘I can control you’.

“They’d walk out with this strut.”

She said the reason many men turned to her for sex was because they felt emasculted in their relationships.

She added: “There’s also a group of men who want to play the game. They get an intense delight out of controlling women.

“They get more of a kick out of feeling like they control you, than they do off the actual sex. So a lot of it is from a psychological motivation.”

Gwyneth admitted that although she was a sex worker for over a decade, she had never wanted to get into the seedy business in the first place.

She confessed: “I was 18, I went out to a nightclub and my drink was spiked and I got taken away and gang raped by six to eight men, I can’t remember exactly how many because I was so out of it.

“It kind of changed my opinion about myself. I felt I wasn’t worthy anymore, that I wasn’t good enough. “I came from a Christian family and I was saving myself for marriage and then I got raped.

“So I went the other way. I was very promiscuous. I ended up in the table top dancing industry when I was 19.

“Once you’ve been paid for sex once, you can’t take that back. I just found I was able to compartmentalise and switch my feelings off, because I already felt dirty.”

Gwyneth has now trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which helps people with personal development and psychotherapy, and part of her role is helping women understand men and relationships.

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