Igbo Corper who converted to Islam when Buhari won election renounces Islam (VIDEO)

A Christian Igbo man, who during his NYSC service converted to Islam due to a vow he made, has renounced the religion and rededicated his life back to Jesus.

Chukwuma Austin Dike had converted to Islam after Mr. Buhari won the 2015 presidential election. 

Now, two years later (2017), Chukwuma has released a video renouncing Islam and making certain allegations.

He released a video stating why he made a u-turn.

Below are his reasons for renouncing Islam:

"I, Chukwuma Austin Dike hereby renounce Islam, I will on Sunday be rededicating my life back to God in Anglican church.I am renouncing Islam because of tribalism, Isis operations in Nigeria and because I have excaped 7 assassination attempts by Muslims.5 times in the mosque at Mabushi abuja and in kano;on the day corpes of fulani herdsmen was discourverd in Abia state.The last one was inside American embassy in Abuja.Thier is no Islam in Nigeria what we have is fulani agenda. I pity any non fulani or at least kanuri practicing islam in Nigeria u are nothing but a slave.for more details go to my face book page search for Chukwuma Austin Dike u will see the video 

God bless you"

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