'You're still alive because I can't afford a hit man': Wife sends chilling text to husband’s mistress

The wife of a Texas school principal sent abusive text messages to his mistress days before he 'blew his brains out' when confronted by authorities about the affair.

Court documents claimed Tammy Reeves, wife of Principal Dennis Reeves, sent a string of messages to his former secretary, Marcia Morgan in the days before his dramatic suicide. 

Principal Reeves admitted to his wife on May 19 that he had an affair with his former secretary. 

On May 23, Principal Reeves shot himself in the head in the parking lot of Kirbyville High School moments after being confronted about the affair and allegations of harassment by Superintendent Thomas Wallis.

Tammy Reeves and Dennis Reeves

Marcia Morgan
According to court documents, after Reeves admitted the affair, his wife sent his former secretary an 'angry text message'. 

She wrote: 'He told me everything today. You are a lying piece of trash... Do your children know what their mother did?' 

A later message described the former secretary as a 'needy whore' and a 'disgusting form of human being'. 

Later, Mrs Reeves posted an image of a note written by the former secretary to her husband  on social media with the attached message: 'You realize you're still alive only because I can't afford a hitman, right?’

She also described the woman as the 'secretary' who had been 'f****** my husband'. 

On May 23, the secretary met with assistant superintendent Georgia Sayers and admitted the affair and 'expressed concern about the social media harassment from Mrs Reeves and described her concerns about workplace harassment from Mr Reeves'. 

Shortly before his suicide, Reeves has been subject to a harassment complaint from a teacher who claimed the principal had sent her 'hundreds of text massages'.

According to court documents on May 23 'Reeves was presented with the certainty of an administrative investigation and was informed that he would be administratively suspended for three days pending the investigation.' 

Officials demanded Reeves hand over his laptop, keys and his cell phone which had been issued by the school district. 

Before handing over the phone, he began deleting messages. 

According to the documents: 'Reeves was offered the opportunity to resolve the situation with is reputation intact by resigning. Forced with two unpleasant alternatives, Reeves tendered his resignation in lieu of an investigation into his conduct.'
Reeves reportedly told officials 'I'm not good, I'm not good' before going out into the parking lot and shooting himself in the head.

The school district claimed they wished to 'protect the reputation of Dennis Reeves and his family'  following his suicide, but these 'snowballed into media allegations of deception'. 

Reeves' wife asked school authorities for permission to retrieve his personal belongings from his office and his letter of resignation. 

She also wanted his former secretary's written statement. When this request was refused, she petitioned Jefferson County Court for access to all documents relating to the case. 

The school district has filed a motion to dissolve the temporary restraining order. 

According to school's case 'the facts in issue are the fodder for a soap opera serial, not a cause of action in a court of law'.  


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