Another suspected Badoo member nabbed with black oil, other items in Lagos (PHOTOS)

A suspected member of the dreaded cult group, Badoo, who has been terrorising residents of Ikorodu, has been arrested in Lagos State.

According to Omolaja Dax who shared these photos,he was caught a few hours ago at the back of Access bank in Ikorodu Benson area.

He was reportedly found in a compound of an old woman whom the occupants didn't know how he got inside.

Items recovered from him include black oil, 4 ATM cards, handkerchief and others.

According to reports, his mother came to the area to confirm the boy to be a bad boy. She reportedly showed people where she was injured due to cutlass attack from the young man. 

Soldiers were called to arrest the young man as residents prevented the police from taking him away. 

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