Couple caught making out on top of a building 4 floors above street level (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This is the moment a couple were caught fondling each other on a rooftop during Spain's Pamplona bull running festival.

Onlookers filmed the pair before they dived under a blanket on a tiled roof at least four floors above street level in the northern Spanish town.

The house they picked - near Santo Domingo street along the route of the famous morning bull runs - was described as abandoned. 

Footage appeared to show the crumbling roof tiles could have given way at any moment.

It was not immediately clear at point in the nine-day festival, due to finish on Friday, the video was taken.

But it seemed to have been recorded early in the morning after the daily bull run had finished because of the street cleaners mingling with revellers dressed in red and white in the street below the rooftop.

The footage came to light after a homemade video taken near Barcelona's beach at the weekend showed a couple having sex in broad-daylight.

The pair were identified as holidaymakers by enraged locals in the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta who used the footage to have a new moan at the drunken tourists they claim are ruining their former fishing village.


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