Widow began dating brother-in-law weeks after her husband died on sofa when she banished him from bedroom

A widow who exiled her husband to the sofa after he came home from work late and died has ended a brief relationship with his own brother.

Ashlee Murrell, 33, told her husband Michael to sleep on the sofa after his late return home. 

Mr Murrell, 36, had been working extra hours to earn money to pay for an anniversary trip to Prague. However, he died in May while sleeping on the sofa at the family's home in Wellington, Somerset. 

In the weeks after Mr Murrell's death, Mrs Murrell became increasingly close to her husband's brother Chris. 

Initially, Mrs Murrell claimed the relationship between herself and her brother-in-law was fake, simply to provide stability and support for her three children. 

However, later she acknowledged that they were romantically linked. 
This relationship has come to an end. 

According to a message posted on Facebook, Mrs Murrell wrote: 'I'm so sorry that I've let you down...

'You will always be in my heart Mikey an I know I've made a mistake, and I promise you that when my time comes I'm coming home to you.
'Miss you uncontrollably xx.’

According to her Facebook account, she has changed her status from being in a relationship with Chris Murrell to single. 

Friends of Mrs Murrell told The Sun they were pleased she had found happiness again.

After embarking on the relationship with her brother-in-law, Mrs Murrell wrote: 'We became close and fell in love, it was never planned but it’s happened and it feels right. I will never ever forget my beautiful husband but life is too short to miss out on happiness.'  


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