Woman caught trying to smuggle 102 iPhones taped to her chest (PHOTOS)

A woman has been caught trying to cross the border between Hong Kong and mainland China with 102 iPhones taped to her body.

Police first became suspicious after noticing that her top was bulky.

Over 100 iPhones were found along with 15 Tissot watches during the discovery last month. 

Customs officers at Lo Wu on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in mainland China thought the woman looked suspicious when she arrived at 8pm.

Officers said that her top was 'unusually bulky' and she was walking strangely, reports Oriental Daily. 

Images show the moment police found the phones and watches stuck to the woman. They appear to be several different iPhone models. 

She was asked to walk through a scanner which immediately showed that she was concealing goods. 

Officers found that she had 102 iPhones taped to her body and 15 Tissot watches taped around her chest. 

According to mainland law, if a person is found to me repeatedly smuggling across the border in the space of a year, they will be sentenced to three years imprisonment or criminal detention and will have to pay the tax they tried to evade. 


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