Couple filmed having sex on a bench in front of shocked onlookers (PHOTOS)

A shameless couple were caught on camera brazenly having sex on a bench in the centre of a lively tourist resort.

A stunned British holidaymaker filmed the passionate pair in the town centre of Makarska on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast.

The woman was sitting on the bench with her legs wrapped around the man who appeared to have removed his trousers.

The couple took no notice of the people, including parents with children, walking by as they romped away.

The camerawoman can be heard laughing in the background at the pair's saucy antics, while a female voice with a British accent can be heard saying: "That is so disgusting!”

UK Mirror reports that the couple - and the people filming them - were believed to be foreign tourists.

British tourists have been blamed for bad behaviour on other parts of the Dalmatian coast, such as the holiday island of Hvar.

The nationality of the pair is not known, nor whether local police are investigating the incident.

The footage proved popular with online viewers after being posted on video-sharing websites.

The video was also uploaded to YouTube.

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