Couple spotted having sex at the office in full view of laughing pedestrians (PHOTOS)

A randy couple enjoyed a late-night office romp in full view of passers-by last night - and even drew a crowd of amused onlookers.

The pair had apparently waited until their colleagues had gone home for the night before they decided to get down to business.

Unfortunately for them, they had decided to leave the lights on during their tryst, meaning the crowd gathering in Dover Street, central London, could guess exactly what they were up to.

The couple were spotted last night at around 11.40pm, in an office above Caffe Nero , and didn't appear aware they had attracted such an interested audience.

A witness told the Sun Online : "It was close to midnight and I saw this huge crowd gathered.

"You couldn't see anything graphic, but she was on the table and he was standing up. The crowd were pointing and laughing as they watched."

It's reported that the amorous lovers were on view for around 20 minutes, before "going on the floor."

Some onlookers even cheered.

It's not clear what company the office space above the coffee shop belongs to.


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