Couple spotted ‘having sex’ in front of passengers on NY train (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Two Yankees fans have been filmed making out on a New York subway.

The couple, both wearing Yankees jerseys, were caught on camera on the number 5 train on Saturday night following their team's loss to the Boston Red Sox.

The woman could be seen in the video grinding on her male companion as they sat close to the subway doors. 

There were two other passengers on the train.

The couple appeared to stop grinding as the train pulled into Grand Central Terminal. 

The video surfaced on social media and was posted by the viral Instagram account SubwayCreatures. 

It was captioned: 'Making up for a huge Yankee loss #subwaycreatures'.

Below are some of the comments on the video:

'Her foot... her poor poor foot. She's in God's hands now,' one wrote.

Another said: 'Eewwww WTF!!! She's got her shoes off…'

'Imma say what we're all thinking. What the f**k is she doing barefoot on the subway?'

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