Man stripped naked, dragged through the street for stealing phone (Graphic PHOTOS)

A man believed to have stolen a child's phone was subjected to the wrath of violent vigilantes, who stripped him naked and dragged him through the street.

The furious mob stripped the alleged thief and dragged him through the streets of Mexican city Herica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco in a horrific public shaming.

Barbaric footage shows the violent mob humiliating the suspect after he was accused of stealing a child's mobile phone.

He is first pictured standing stark naked in the middle of the street, surrounded by crowds with a rope around his neck.

The suspect, who is yet to be found guilty, first attempts to keep some of his dignity by covering up his genitalia.

He soon gives up and takes to making the rope around his neck more loose and comfortable as hundreds of onlookers talk and take photos.

In more graphic scenes later on the man was pictured curled up on the floor, covering up his face and crying as crowds continue to chant abuse and cheer.

The 24-year-old man, identified in locally as Luis Hernandez Dominguez, was filmed cowering on the floor after being reportedly beaten.

The mother of the young alleged victim also beat him with a belt and shouted insults, reported Televisa.News .

Tensions in the area, which is known as Paris Chiquito (Little Paris), are thought to be high following an increase of robberies in the area.

Mexican news site NVI Noticias reported that there were threats of 'burning' the alleged thief thrown about the crowd, but police managed to interject in time.

Authorities said it took them four hours to persuade the mob to hand over the man to their custody.

But some mom members were unhappy and a police patrol car was reportedly attacked as officers tried to defuse the situation.

Hernandez was taken to a police station and charged with robbery.

The video of the violent mob went viral in Mexico after it was posted last Wednesday (August 16).


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