Mayweather flaunts cheque on Instagram after his $350m win over Conor McGregor (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

He proudly goes by the nickname 'Money' and so it was little wonder that Floyd Mayweather flaunted a cheque in the immediate aftermath of his win over Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

The American stands to earn at least $100m (£77.6m) from the super-fight - though that could rise to as high as $350m (£271m) - and he shamelessly showed off at least some of that in a video clip posted on his Instagram account.

The behind-the-scenes video also showed the WBC Money Belt Mayweather walks away with following the 10th round stoppage of Irish UFC fighter McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena.

Mayweather is followed as he smiles and jokes with the camera in the clip, before holding up the cheque, which will only boost his already astonishing fortune.

Although Mayweather is guaranteed $100m, this is expected to swell to something approaching $200m (£155.2m) by the time ticket sales, pay-per-view income and other royalties are factored in.

Mayweather even suggested that sum could be even higher, saying post-fight: 'If I see an opportunity to make $300m or $350m in 36 minutes, why not?' 

McGregor is assured of $30m (£23.3m) - still 10 times his highest purse in UFC - but that is expected to rise to $75m (£58.2m) once the extras are added.

The Irish fighter rocked Mayweather in the early round as he adopted an aggressive approach, but eventually tired and allowed the boxing champion to take charge of the contest.

With McGregor pinned to the ropes in the 10th round, and Mayweather raining in punches, the referee stopped the contest.

This victory means Mayweather will now retire with an unblemished 50-0 professional record.


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