Pastor sprays anointed perfume into congregants mouths for healing

Pastor of Messiah International Church of God instructed his church members to open their mouths to receive anointed deodorant spray to "get healed from whatever diseases they are suffering from."

According to B-Metro, Zimbabwean Pastor Musa Nherero Khumalo told his congregants to open their mouths wide before spraying right on the top part of the mouth. 

His deodorant spray of choice is Brut For Men.

In the past he has had two other strange methods. He first burst on the scene in 2015 when he claimed to “kill” congregants and send them to Heaven just to see what it looks like and bring them back to life. 

Last year he instructed congregants to go on their fours as he rode on them because they had “become cars of their choice”. He prophesied they would get their dream cars by end of year — even though he didn’t have a car.

A year later and no cars, residents of Iminyela suburb are irritated by the latest stunt of spraying people and they want him out of their area, despite the fact that he commands a huge following.

A reliable source from the suburb told B-Metro that residents decided to evict Pastor Nherero because of his strange practices.

“We believe that is a satanic church. Where have you ever seen a church where people are killed and resurrected?

Now he anoints them with perfume by spraying in their mouths. That is a dangerous move putting people’s lives at risk,” said the source.

Pastor Nherero has since relocated to Mpopoma suburb where he’s a hit.

“Of course everyone thinks it is dangerous to swallow deodorant as some might begin to have difficulty in breathing or collapse.

“I use Brut deodorant for anointing. I can spray it in a person’s mouth or eyes and nothing bad happens. They get healed from whatever diseases they will be suffering from.

If you read Revelation 2:17, I Corinthians 2:4-5 and Jeremiah 33: 3 you will get to understand that all that I am doing is not within my powers, but it is God at work,” said Pastor Nherero.

He claimed that he had healed people suffering from cancer, asthma and other different ailments using anointed Brut deodorant.

However, Brut deodorant packaging clearly warns against ingesting the deodorant as it is meant for external use only.

“Keep out of reach of children. In case of ingestion, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre right away.”

Pastor Nherero disputed allegations that he was leading a satanic cult.

“There are some Iminyela residents who teamed up against my church and tried a number of times to burn our place of worship as they accused us of being satanists.

“They never understood these miracles and in a bid to save lives of my congregants I had to move to Mpopom. I hope one day they will understand God’s works,” he said.


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