Saudi Arabia apologises over maltreatment of Nigerian pilgrims (PHOTOS)

Saudi Arabia has apologised to the Nigerian Government over an alleged maltreatment of two pilgrims by its security agents in Medina.

Audu Muhammad and Ibrahim Godi were said to have been brutalized and beaten by two customs officers shortly after their arrival from Abuja.

Mohammad Albijawi, the deputy minister of hajj and umrah, gave the apology on behalf of the Royal leaders of the Kingdom when he visited the victims at Wefada Al Zahra Hotel on Al Salam Street Markazziya, in Medina.

He expressed regret over the unfortunate incident and assured that it would not happen again.

Albijawi said: “What brought us here today is the issue of the two pilgrims that were maltreated somehow by our security agents.

“We are here to say sorry and regret the issue and assure you that such things will never happen again.

“On behalf of the King, the Governor of Madina and all the royal leaders in this kingdom, we are here to once again express our apology to you for what has happened and to assure you that the Kingdom will never allow such a thing happen again”.

Two pilgrims from Nasarawa State were reportedly detained and manhandled on arrival at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Medina on August 19.

The Secretary of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON ), Dr Bello Tambuwal, had to intervene before they were released.

Saudi Arabian police had beaten the pilgrims as a result of which one them sustained head injuries.

The pilgrims were detained at the Medina airport for nine hours before the incident.

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