Shock as TV presenter strokes man's crotch live on air (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A TV presenter shocked viewers when she talked about 'cucumbers' before stroking a man's crotch live on air.

Step Feliz caused controversy when she ran her hand over the genitals of her fellow host Manny Rodriguez.

She was talking about buying vegetables at a supermarket when she inexplicably decided to make the crude gesture in front of viewers.

The provocative move stunned viewers who criticised the model for her lewd behaviour.

She said on the programme: "I am going to take advantage of the special sales of vegetables and I, usually, when I go to buy vegetables every Wednesday at La Sirena (supermarket), the first [thing] I look for are cucumbers.

"I could see if I can find a cucumber here," she added as she touched him inappropriately.

The video was uploaded online where viewers were quick to criticise her actions.

Some claimed it showed a lack of respect towards Mr Rodriguez and others blasted her for being vulgar.

There were also calls for the program to be fined by TV moderators for allowing the behaviour.

One viewer identified as ‘Days C Pulgar’ wrote: "Totally inappropriate the behaviour of the TV host, what a lack of respect."

Ms Feliz is famous in her country due to outrageous videos in which she is seen walking around the streets and touching strange men's crotches.


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