Use “Juju” to end corruption, not Bible or Quran - Fela’s daughter, Yeni Kuti tells Nigerian govt

Yeni Kuti, daughter of legendary afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, has urged Nigerian Government to consider adopting African black power (also known as ‘juju’) as a tool for fighting corruption, especially in official circles.

In an interview with Classic FM, the retired dancer said government should use juju to administer oaths to elected officials and government appointees, instead of the Holy Bible and the Koran.

“Just as Sophie Oyewole has suggested, let them use it to swear in government officials and we shall see if anybody will continue to steal our money in this country or not. I am sure that if they are made to swear by Ogun or some other fearsome African deity, there will be no more corruption,” she said.

She argued that many Nigerians who profess to be devout Christians or Muslims by day, sneak out at night to consult local herbalists or diviners.

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