VIDEO: Like Pharaoh, God sent rats to chase Buhari - Asari Dokubo laughs at President

Former militant leader, Asari Dokubo, on Wednesday mocked President Muhammadu Buhari over claims that rodents have invaded his office, forcing him to work from home for the next three months.

The militant leader said even rats have rejected President Buhari.

Dokubo mocked the president by laughing so hard in a video that emerged on Wednesday.

He compared the president to King Pharaoh in the Bible.

He said: “He who the gods has rejected everything on earth will reject the person until even rat has rejected him

“When will you learn. You want to be like Pharaoh? You want to continue and continue to harden your heart. Your time has come. You should just walk away…

“This is how God warned and warned and warned Pharaoh until he perished in the red sea…

“Lion king wey rats pursue. Learn lesson,” he concluded.

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