Woman suffers massive wardrobe malfunction as gym equipment pulls down her leggings (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A woman suffered a bizarre wardrobe malfunction during a workout session in front of fellow gym-goers.

She couldn't hide her embarrassment - or her bum - when her leggings were pulled down by resistance equipment.

The unnamed woman burst into laughter when her leggings somehow snapped on the machine which baring her rear to exercisers.

To make matters worse, the young woman was wearing a black thong which left little to the imagination.

Video uploaded by Jukin Media captured the hilarious incident which took place as the woman was resistance training.

The 12-second clip starts by showing the woman dangling from a machine dressed in a black sports bra and the leggings.

Pushing her herself off the ground with her legs strapped into the machine, the woman manages a few reps before her dramatic wardrobe malfunction.

Giggling in embarrassment the woman is quick to pull up her leggings as the camera shakes suggesting the person filming the footage broke into laughter.

The clip has racked up thousands of views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

The cringe-worthy incident is reminiscent of other wardrobe malfunctions that blew up on social media.


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