Juventus player crushed to death by falling goal post during training

A Juventus player has been crushed to death at one of their training camps.

The Italian club’s juniors were training in New York when nine-year-old Tommaso Cerase tragically lost his life.

According to reports, authorities are investigating the incident after it is claimed a goal post fell on the youngster.

Cerase was reportedly hanging off the goal post in an indoor gym when it collapsed and fell on him.

Below is the statement from the Cerase family on the passing of their 9-year old son:
Juventus officials revealed the devastating news of the death was at the Juventus headquarters.

It is also claimed that his mother, Barbara Riccardi, was present during the horrific accident.

The youngster was rushed to the Roosevelt Hospital as medics battled to save his life.

However, despite their best efforts, the youngster passed away.

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