Laughing Kevin Hart rests his head on a woman's chest, clutches her thigh in steamy video

A newly released image shows comedian Kevin Hart resting his head on a woman's chest and clutching her thigh in a steamy video at the centre of an FBI extortion probe.

Hart, 38, can be seen laughing as he gets close to the woman in the intimate photo.

TMZ, which first showed the image, says it is part of a video that also includes two people having sex followed by a naked man getting dressed, which appears to look like Hart.

This comes as Hart's pregnant wife made her first public appearance following the comedian's public apology to her and his two children over what he described as a 'bad error in judgment.’

Eniko Hart, 33, looked very solemn but casual as she made her way to an animal Hospital with the couple's Doberman Pinscher, Roxy, in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Kevin Hart posted a video to Instagram on Saturday in which he apologized to wife Eniko Parrish and said he wasn't perfect and had recently made poor decisions. 

It has also been revealed that part of the tape being investigated by the FBI includes the comedian talking about how he would never cheat on his wife.

In the clip from an earlier interview, Hart says: 'I got a good one. I can't play any games... Why risk it? What am I going to throw it all away for?' 

He said there were 'no excuses' but added that someone was trying to seek financial gain over his mistakes, and he'd rather confess than let that happen. 

Wearing an army fatigue tracksuit and comfortable black sneakers, Eniko looked intent on getting to her location.  

Her pregnant belly was perfectly tucked behind a white t-shirt as she wore little to no makeup and had her sleek black tresses tied up in a bun.

Eniko still had her wedding ring on and had a large black bag on her shoulder as she made her way to the animal hospital.

She wore simple earrings to tie together a very casual and homely looking outfit. 

Kevin Hart's alleged extortionist has also spoken out to call the star a liar as the FBI investigate the attempt at a multi-million dollar demand. 

The mystery person said: 'Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.’

The FBI is investigating the multi-million dollar extortion attempt on Kevin Hart after he publicly apologized to his pregnant wife and his two children over what he described as a 'bad error in judgment.’

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that an anonymous person contacted Hart saying they had a video of the comedian and a woman in a sexually provocative situation.
Sources have told TMZ that the FBI knows who the woman is that interacted with Kevin and they believe that she is the one making the demands. 

But they also believe that the video was captured by someone who got a hold of the iPhone that the encounter was captured on. 

Sources have also told TMZ that Hart's hurricane relief had nothing to do with the extortion attempt, contrary to claims made by the extortionist. 


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