One month after marriage, man stabs wife to death after making love to her (PHOTOS)

Police in Bayelsa State have arrested Stephen Ogho-Oghene Akpata, who just returned from Australia, for killing his wife, Onyinye, after having intercourse with her for about an hour.

Akpata, who admitted to murdering her following suspicion of infidelity was captured while trying to escape to Ghana. 

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Amba Asuquo, said the incident was first reported to the police on August 16, when one Moses Awo complained that Onyinye, 33, failed to report to her place of work at Glo. 

Asuquo said a police team, who went to the apartment found the body of the deceased, who hailed from Abia State, in the pool of her blood. 

He said: “We recovered three quarter knickers from the scene.” On how the deceased was killed, Asuquo said: “Marks of violence on the deceased’s head, face, neck and body revealed that the deceased was strangled with the pressing iron and its coil tied round her neck and stabbed with a knife to her death”.

On how the police cracked the crime, he said: “The three quarter knickers had blood stains. We tried to find out who was with the girl because we know that she had just contracted a registry marriage with Akpata.We got in touch with him and he gave us the impression that he was out of town. But he was plotting his own escape. We found out that prior to the incident, he had expended much money on the girl. They were moving from one hotel to the other.

So, we got in touch to some of the hotels that he had lodged. We observed he didn’t own a car since he came in from Australia. We identified the taxis that were extending services to him. .We got one of the taxi drivers and he confirmed that he had seen the man wearing the same knickers. Some of the hotels confirmed they had seen the man wearing the same knickers.

Since he said he was in Lagos, we associated that Ghana or Republic with Benin was the imaginable goals for him.We connected with the consulates. He really dozed in Ghanaian Embassy yet he later got away back to Badagry where he was captured."

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