PHOTOS: El Rufai weeps as he meets 4-yr-old boy whose eyes were removed by ritualists

Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai couldn’t hold back the tears on Wednesday when he met 4-year-old Sadiq Usman whose eyes were gouged out by ritualists.

Sadiq was thrown into the world of darkness on January 25, 2016 when two unknown men gouged out his eyes close to his family house in Buda.

Speaking of how the sad incident happened, Sadiq said “One day, grandma gave me N10 to go and buy sweets. I went, I saw two men on a motorbike. They were following me and one of them asked me whether there was a road in front and I said no. Later, they promised taking me to where they would get better sweets for me.

“Then, they grabbed me and took me away to where I was given injections several times and they removed my eyes,” Sadiq said in Hausa language.

Kaduna State Government has since apprehended the men behind this dastardly act and will face the full wrath of the law.

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