Wanted man jumps into sea to evade police, ends up near shark (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A man trying to escape arrest unknowingly jumped into shark infested waters.

According to WECT, Surf City police officials say 20-year-old Zachary Kingsbury was pulled over just before 5pm on Wednesday in North Carolina.

Upon conducting a search in the vehicle, police officers discovered suspicious contraband on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Kingsbury, who was in the driver's seat, was then asked to step out of his vehicle, at which point he 'fled the scene on foot, onto the beach', and proceeded into the ocean, police documents show. 

Instead of stepping out of his car, Zachary Kingsbury made a run for it and jumped into the sea.

He swam for three hours in order to evade police and the coastguard was called to help.

But it wasn't only the police he had to watch out for.

Drone footage of Kingsbury in the sea showed a shark swimming nearby.

Police said the operation soon became a rescue mission after they lost sight of Kingsbury, but they eventually caught up with him at the North Carolina beach hours later.

Surf City Police posted on Facebook: "Surf City Police Department deployed an Unmanned Ariel System (Drone) to the scene to maintain visual contact with Kingsbury.

"After 60 minutes of flight time, Kingsbury was over 4000 feet offshore and visual contact was lost.

"At that point, the operation became a rescue operation.

"Pender EMS and Fire Marine unit was dispatched, along with US Coast Guard Marine and Air assets to the scene."

Kingsbury was arrested and is currently in police custody.

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