Footballer loses testicle after being kicked in the groin during match (VIDEO)

A professional footballer has lost a testicle after an opposing defender kicked him in the groin.

The excruciating moment was captured on camera, showing the challenge that caused the horrendous injury. 

FC Zrinjski Mostar's Bosnian right-back Marin Galic, 22, can be seen running down the right wing with the ball before a defender slide tackles him from behind.

Having failed to get the ball, the defender reaches up with his right boot and hooks his opponent right between the legs. 

According to local media, the kick left the young player with just one testicle.

The incident happened during a Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup tie between FC Sloga and FC Zrinjski. 

Out of shot, he went down injured on the near touchline and in brutal fashion the referee appears to usher him off the pitch in order to let play continue.

Having been taken from the field of play, Galic had to have an operation to remove one testicle, according to local media.   


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