Kenyan MP 'accidentally forwards sex tips on WhatsApp' (PHOTOS)

A first-time Kenyan MP has been asked to apologise after posting a message with sex tips on his constituency WhatsApp group.

According to the local Daily Nation newspaper, Anthony Kiai, also known as Highflyer, appeared to have forwarded the message innocently, and asked members of the group to ignore it after he realised his mistake.

Group admin Bernard Chege said he asked the MP to say sorry for the “naughty language”. Instead, the lawmaker’s personal assistant apologised, the newspaper added.

The message posted on “Mukurwe-ini Newsroom Group” was written in Gikuyu language.

It explained in detail how to give a woman an “utterly fulfilling intimate time”, Daily Nation reported.

A screenshot of the MP's post has circulated widely on social media groups and sparked debates.

Mihango Wa Kiambati wrote on Facebook; “I keep saying, Nyeri elected (redacted) and funny characters as leaders.”

Shiku Ngure wrote; “With such advice from an honourable MP, Mukurwe-ini men will up their game, do a survey after one month.”

Some people defended the MP, including one who said: "Is sex sin!!??”

Linase Mwee wrote: “The MP is alright, why accuse him? There is nothing wrong in that. Is sex sin!!?? Don't deny the facts friends. I don't see anything wrong or misplaced there. The one who exposed it is the one misplaced.”

Mr Kiai became the MP for Mukurweini following his victory in August's general election.

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