Man arrested after plotting fake bomb scare to win love of Jet Airways employee

A hoax bomb threat made to a Jet Airways Mumbai-Delhi flight by Mumbai-based businessman Birju Salla may have been inspired by a Bollywood film, but his actions has landed him in police custody and made him the first person to be put on the ‘no fly list’.

According to investigators Salla has admitted to faking a bomb scare to win over the love of a Jet Airways employee.

This, however, was not Salla’s first high-flying attempt to win the girl's heart. In July last year, he had created a ruckus onboard a flight, alleging that he was served cockroach in his food while travelling business class.

After his cockroach plan didn't work he reportedly came with a most drastic plan and left a note in Urdu and English, saying there was a bomb in the cargo.

In the letter he ordered the flight be taken to Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. He claimed that there was over a dozen hijackers onboard.

The 37-year-old Gujarati businessman has told investigators that he loves a Jet Airways employee and wanted to damage the airline so that the woman goes jobless and turns to him for a job.

Salla runs a property business in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai. His company is registered with the ministry of corporate affairs.

Salla hails from an affluent business family from Gujarat’s Amreli district and always travels by business class, and mostly on Jet Airways.

However officials claimed that he held a grudge against the airline.

The airline has not yet commented but Investigators say that Salla’s intention to harm the airline is still unclear.

His earlier complaint of cockroaches in his meal also appears baseless as the insects found were not cooked and were allegedly placed in the food after preparation.

A resident of Shreepati Arcade, one of the early high-rises of upmarket August Kranti Marg in Mumbai, Salla is currently in custody of Ahmedabad police.

The NIA is in touch with Gujarat Police and may take up the case. NIA chief YC Modi said they can take up the case only if state police registers the case under anti- hijacking laws.
Salla is likely to be the first person to be put on the ‘no fly list’.

As this incident was far more serious, Union civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has instructed all airlines to put Salla on their no-fly lists until the matter is probed.

Authorities are contemplating filing a criminal case against Salla.

If he is indeed placed on the no-fly list, he would be the first one to be penalised ever since the new rules were enforced in September, giving airlines the right to ban unruly passengers for periods ranging from three months to two years.


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