Nigerian book adapted for schools in Germany

A book written in Nigeria has been adapted for use in higher institutions of learning in Germany.

The book entitled, “Drug use and criminal behaviour of adolescent girls in prostitution,” centres on the influence of drug use on criminal activities among adolescent prostitutes, using Lagos as a case study.

It’s written by a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Ekiti State University College of Medicine, Ado Ekiti, Dr Babatunde Olofinbiyi.

Speaking with journalists on the book in Ado Ekiti, Olofinbiyi lamented that prostitution and other related offences would continue to thrive unless urgent drastic measures, including reviving the economic situation, were taken.

Punch reported that the book, a collaborative work with a criminologist/forensic expert, Sogo Olofinbiyi; and a social scientist, John Oyefara, is published by Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany.

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