“This is why pastors need prayers” – Photo of lady at church event goes viral

The picture of a curvy woman at a church event has gone viral online with people urging Christians to always pray for their pastors.

A Facebook user who shared the picture of a pastor standing close to the lady revealed that the woman was the center of attraction at the event.

He added that it is not easy being a pastor who is faced with this kind of “temptation” regularly.

Below are reactions to the picture:


  1. Somewise women in the church ought to have wisked her away from the front.The bible advocates for women to dress orderly and decently not provocatively.As much ad you being your brothers keeper be your pastors keeper as well.Let GOD be GOD.

  2. The lady can't be branded as "temptation" because of her body shape.

    1. No, but she allowed herself to be a vehicle and thus "become" a temptation by her dressing. sleeveless and a skirt above the knees in church ? What's she looking for exactly. Anyways I'd just assume she's an unbeliever looking to give her life to Christ in an altar call, otherwise ...

  3. And no one saw that she gave a can of Doom to the pastor. What is that for, to spray away the evil?

  4. Wow.. The lady in the picture is really endowed..

    How can a man not look at this and not be tempted..
    pls let just be honest and stop being too religious

  5. Enter your comment...depends on your mindset,she's not naked,wat's the fuss,amebarikiwa.

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