Woman claims looking half her age is a curse - because she's ‘too attractive to find love’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A mother-of-four claims her youthful appearance is a curse - because she's too good looking to find love.

Dawn Cousins, 44, a receptionist from London, claims that it's a 'nightmare' having men fall at her feet - because they aren't up to her standards and are simply after one thing.

'I look half my age and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient,' she said of the attention she receives.

The glamorous mother, who runs her own YouTube channel and has been single since 2003, even claims she wishes she didn't 'look so good' so she could find a long-term partner rather than someone who is just with her for her looks.

Despite all the attention she receives, Dawn claims she can't find a man worthy of her tastes, noting: 'I can't date a fat, unattractive, old aged man when I look so young and beautiful.'

'Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the women have got a lot of wrinkles. I haven't got any. I'm not in the same bracket as them,' she told The Sun.

Dawn has been single since 2003 after splitting with her long-term partner and says she presumed she would find someone after they broke up. 'It is 14 years later and I am starting to panic,' she said.

Dawn, who has four children between the ages of 17 and 22, said she even gets attention from her daughters' friends, as well as her colleagues, which she claims distracts her at work. 

The office worker added that she often gets mistaken for her daughters' sister - something she finds 'flattering' - and often lies about her age to potential suitors to avoid shocking them.

Despite admitting she likes younger men, she said she would steer clear of her daughters' friends - and they often have to make it clear she is their mother rather than sister. 

Dawn added: 'I can't date a fat, unattractive, old aged man when I look so young and beautiful.
'I seem to get the men who are only after looks and not personality; those types are not the kind of person you want to spend your days with,' she said.

And the fun-loving mother, whose daughters always beg her to go clubbing with them, says she often faces negativity from other women.

The mother-of-four, who says her friends and family dub her 'big headed', is now hoping to move to America in her quest to find love. 


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