Woman 'refuses' fiance's love proposal at their wedding in front of shocked guests (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A man might have made a mistake of his life when he proposed to his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers on their wedding.

The bride refused to take the flower after noticing her fiancé had got down on both knees, as a viral video shows.

After seeing the bride's unhappy face, family and guests suggested the groom got down on one knee and propose again, according to accounts.

YouKu posted a video online on October 20. It's said that the clip was taken in a Chinese city where the couple were having a wedding ceremony.

Footage shows the bride standing on the red carpet as others guests gathering around the couple in a hall.

The groom can be seen carrying a bouquet of red roses and kneeling on both knees in front of the bride.

He asked the bride to marry her, however, the bride appeared to be unimpressed.

He held the flowers for a while but she refused to take the bouquet.

The guests told the groom to kneel on one knee instead of both knees and suggested him propose again.

He lifted his right knee up and leaving his left knee on the ground. 

The video ended without showing whether the bride accepted the proposal.

Web users commented on the video believing their marriage would not last long.
'Judging from that, they are going to divorce,' said web user ‘juihouwushi'.

While 'nawokenum_31kf' said if the bride was truly unhappy, she could have left the groom there.


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