An European airline to start weighing passengers before every flight

A European airline has announced plans to weigh travellers before they board a plane.

Finnair wants to stick between 100 and 150 of its passengers on the scales on every flight, along with their luggage.

The airline isn’t planning on penalising anyone they consider overweight though.

Instead – they’re doing it to cut operating costs.

By working out a more exact weight and balance of the aircraft, Finnair will be able to streamline their operating costs when it comes to fuelling the planes.

Until now, the airline has been replying on estimates from the European Aviation Safety Agency that were made eight years ago.

Sami Suokas, manager of customer processes at Finnair, told the newspaper Helsinki Times: “We want to make sure we have the best possible data at our disposal also in this respect.

“That’s why we’re collecting data from our own network.”

Sami revealed that the weight of their passengers change a huge amount between summer and winter because of the extreme difference in temperature.

According to stats from the European Aviation Safety Agency, the average male passenger weighed 13 stone 3 lbs and flew with a carry-on luggage of 1 stone.

The average female passenger weighed 10 stone 4 lbs and flew with a carry-on luggage of 11lbs.

However, the average Finnish man weighs 13 stone and 5lbs and the average Finnish woman weighs 11 stone, The Sun reported.

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