Did Prophet TB Joshua prophesy Mugabe’s removal? (VIDEO)

An undated video of Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua speaking about military plans to “get rid of a President in a region of Southern Africa” has gone viral online following recent events in Zimbabwe.

Joshua was speaking at his church‚ The Synagogue‚ Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), in Lagos‚ Nigeria.

In the video believed to have been taken in 2014, the man of God said: “The military are interested in embarrassing a President – either they kill him or kidnap him in Southern region. They are still having that plan to kidnap either a President or Vice-President of that nation or the First Lady of that nation. I said it January and the plan is going on now. If prayer is not offered well, they will succeed and it will put the nation in uproar.”

Zimbabwe was plunged into one of the worst crises in its post-independence history when the army took control of the country on Wednesday.

Most Zimbabweans have only known life under President Robert Mugabe, 93, who is reviled as a cruel despot in the West but lauded as a liberation hero in parts of Africa.

He fought against British colonial rule in the 1970s and has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.

Shrewd and ruthless, he appeared untouchable until this week when the army took power and placed him under house arrest.

Nothing has been heard from the authoritarian leader since the military intervention.

His lengthy rule has been marked by brutal repression of dissent, mass emigration, vote-rigging and economic collapse since land reforms in 2000.

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