VIDEO: Robert Mugabe 'falls asleep' in first appearance since 'coup'

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe who is under increasing pressure to step down appears to 'fall asleep' during his first public appearance since the perceived 'coup'.

Despite sitting in front of a huge crowd of supporters, the 93-year-old president was filmed nodding off live on-air, at Zimbabwe Open University in Harare on Friday.

The footage has gone viral on social media, with several commentators claiming he only "started" to wake up when applause erupted.

Zim Luther tweeted: "He has no shame fighting so that he can sleep on the job! #Mugabe has fallen."

Banka Manneh jokingly said: "I Understand #Mugabe woke up from his sleep as soon as the Generals told him #Grace had left the room."

News editor at Nairobi News, Kenfrey Kiberenge, tweeted: “Robert Mugabe makes first public appearance (asleep) since army takeover.”

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