"3 minutes is enough for sex, you don't need drugs at all" - Nigerian doctor in UK

A UK-based Nigerian medical doctor says ‘3 minutes is actually enough time for sexual intercourse.’

According to YourFavOnlineDoctor (@DrOlufunmilayo), nothing is wrong with men who last for 3 to 5 minutes during sexual intercourse.

Answering an inquiry about someone who was contemplating using drugs to stay longer before ejaculating, the young doctor said a person should only be concerned if he barely lasts a minute.

Black_Panther (@jurist_obawale) had asked the question on Twitter: “Asking for a friend. what's the best drug (affordable) to perform well during sexual intercourse for a 23 years old Boy. He only last 3 minutes and wife is complaining.”

Responding to question, Olufunmilayo said: “He doesn’t need any drugs at all.
3 minutes is actually enough time for sexual intercourse.
If it was less than a minute, I may worry.

“No one should feel less than a man because they release in 3-5mins. Please remember, you are trying to make love, not drilling for crude oil.

“Medically, anything from 3-10 minutes is acceptable to be normal for ejaculation during sex.

“While some men can do more, it does NOT mean those men who do less have a medical problem.

“No man deserves to be called to Glory because they wanted to prove a needless point.

“And if it is actually less than a minute, the medical advice is usually psychological- because a lot of premature ejaculation has anxiety as the real issue.

“If psychological support isn’t working, then please see a doctor who can re-assess and recommend medicines if necessary.

“We must not forget that we live in a world sadly influenced by pornography where a man can seem to have sex for hours non stop. 

“You must understand that’s the influence of drugs and stimulants you are watching, not a normal human performance.

“Generally speaking, from 3-10 minutes is considered normal.
Doctors would worry if it’s less than a minute and it’s becoming persistent and repeated.

“People get better with sex (just like any other activity) and no man should be made to pay his ancestors a visit because of this,” the doctor said.

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