Hoodlums rob car owner who was seen having sex at night in Benue (PHOTOS)

A member of a car-snatching syndicate, which has been terrorizing Makurdi, the Benue State capital and its environs, has revealed how a car was obtained by his gang after spotting the driver having sex in the dead of the night at David Mark bye-pass in Makurdi.

The suspects were apprehended in different locations of the state and had allegedly been terrorizing the state for the past three months.

Speaking about the operation, one of the robbers said: “We stole the Lexus jeep from a woman in Ankpa quarters but it was not at gun point. We did not carry arms. My friends and I broke into the compound and saw the woman in the parlour with her husband and we asked for the key and they gave us. We took the car and drove off and sold it to Pastor Anayo for N650,000. For the red Highlander, we met one man in the dead of the night at David Mark bye-pass having sex with a woman in the vehicle. We accosted them and asked them to get out of the car and give us the key and he obliged and we took the vehicle and changed the colour from its initial green to red and sold it to Eze at the cost of N1m.”

One of the suspected robbers, Liambee Tor, said he was a driver with the office of the state auditor-general.

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