"I was drunk, a man took me to his house, bathed me without touching me" - Lady

A Nigerian lady has narrated how one of her male friends took her to his house, took care of her and didn’t touch her after she got drunk.

Atinuke shared the story on her Twitter page, saying all men are not rapist.

She wrote: “I once went to a club with a guy i met through my cousin, i took 4 glasses of Long Island, i was wasted. Dude took to me to his house, removed my clothes & put me under shower. wakeup next morning in his boxer & shirt.

"HE DID NOT TOUCH ME. I will forever respect Ladi. ALL MEN ARE NOT RAPIST”

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  1. Story for the gods. Don't you think he had fed on you as you were highly drunk? 🙌


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