Woman sets herself alight because her husband was cheating

A 35-year-old woman is regretting what she did to herself after setting herself on fire because her husband was cheating.

“No man is worth it,” Felicia Mokeka from South Africa’s Vanderbijlpark in the Vaal told Daily Sun.

In June, Felicia poured methylated spirits over herself and set herself alight. “I only survived because God wanted me to teach others through my mistakes,” she said.

“It doesn’t help to try and keep your marriage alive if it is dead. You only harm yourself.”

Felicia said she came home early one day and decided to surprise her partner by hiding behind the couch – but she was the one who got the surprise!

Her partner arrived home, speaking to his mistress on speaker- phone, so Felicia could hear both sides of the conversation.

The mother of two said when the mistress asked the partner where Felicia was, he said: “Oh, that one. I don’t know where she is and I don’t care.”

She said the things he said about her were very bad.

When he had finished talking, she got up. “He was shocked to see me there,” she said. “We had a good life before. We were a great couple. Everyone wanted to be like us.”

As she was packing her things, she saw a bottle of spirits and that is when she set herself on fire.

She said her partner put out the fire. She sustained first-degree burn wounds. She woke up in hospital two months later.

She said even the doctors were amazed that she survived.

“I am able to do everything for myself and I am grateful for that,” she said.


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