Buhari is my friend but we can't succeed as a nation if we continue running govt like this'' - Bisi Akande

The former interim National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Bisi Akande, says President Buhari is bound to fail because of the system of government Nigeria practices.

Akande stated this on Tuesday in his home town, Ila-Orangun in Osun State.

Speaking at a news conference as part of activities to mark his 79th birthday, Akande said the presidential system of government Nigeria is practising can no longer sustain its growth and success.

He added that the best form of government for the country to practice if it desires to be in the league of other developed countries, is the multi-party parliamentary democracy.

According to him, the American democracy system of multi-party presidentialism was too complicated and costly for a country of poor people with large illiteracy rate like Nigeria.

“President Buhari is my friend and I want him to succeed but he is running a difficult system of government. Nigeria’s democracy is a military democracy of sharing and if we continue like this, there is no how we can succeed. Up to this present age, evidence-based analyses has proven parliamentary democracy to be the most accountable transparent form of government in the whole world.”

He said parliamentary democracy had helped countries like the United Kingdom rich, stable and respected globally and also made Israel very strong economically and militarily.

“It is also transforming India from acute poverty and hunger into self sufficiency and reliability virtually in all fields. Apart from being transparent and accountable, parliamentary democracy is absolutely inclusive. It appears to be the best form of governmental structure for Nigeria now.”

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