Grace Mugabe 'was mentally unstable towards the end of her husband’s presidency’ - Mnangagwa

Harare - President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he believes former first lady Grace Mugabe had become mentally unstable towards the end of her husband’s long rule.

In an interview with Britain’s Financial Times, Mr Mnangagwa reportedly said the incident that convinced him of this was a rally held by Grace Mugabe in November, in which she called Mnangagwa a snake who should have his head crushed.

“I was being castigated there as a snake. And to deal with this snake you must crush the head. And this snake is Mnangagwa, we must crush the head, not beat the tail or the body,” Mnangagwa recounted the first lady as saying.

The rally in question was held a day before Mnangagwa was sacked by Mugabe on November 6.

Mnangagwa did not attend the rally, but said he had listened to reports about it.

“She went berserk on that one. At that stage now I believed she was not mentally OK,” Mnangagwa said.

Grace, who has not been seen in public since her husband quit, sent her luxury vehicles to South Africa late last week. She sent a top of the range Rolls Royce and a Porsche, and her eldest son Russell also took her Range Rover out of the country via a small border post, Plumtree, and into Botswana. There are unconfirmed reports that the vehicles were then damaged in a traffic accident in Botswana.

Grace Mugabe owns one of the most expensive properties in Johannesburg’s Sandhurst estate which she bought last year. She is accused by many of unexplained wealth after she bought several other top properties in Harare and occupies several more farms. She also built two schools on land taken from white farmers and there are not enough pupils to cover costs as many of the children abandoned the school late last year.

The informal orphanage she used to run nearby, and which is not authorised by the government's social services department, also housed only about a dozen children by last week.

Several top former Zanu PF personalities, all close to Grace Mugabe, are now on trial or under investigation for corruption.

Grace was forced to claim diplomatic immunity last year after she allegedly beat up a young Johannesburg woman in a Sandton hotel where her sons were partying. She had flown to South Africa from Zimbabwe to attend to them. Her immunity will be challenged in court later this year. Independent Foreign Service

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