Igbo siblings embrace Islam after their sister’s conversion in Imo (PHOTOS)

Chijoke Obi and Chiamaka Obi ‘fully accepted’ Islam today in Imo State after the conversion of their sister.

The duo are said to be siblings of Aishat Obi, the woman who became an online sensation after converting from Christianity to Islam last year.

According to Aishat, the new converts have had their names changed to Rahman Obi and Rashidat Obi after their conversion.

Aishat shared their pictures on her Facebook page with the caption:

“Chijoke Obi and chiamaka Obi a blood sister and brother to Aishat Obi from IMO State
Have fully accepted Islam today.

“Please they should be fully address as Rahman Obi and Rashidat Obi by people that knows them very well. 

Allah is great”

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