Nigerian wife slashes husband’s throat for cheating

A Nigerian wife slashed the throat of her husband of 2 years for allegedly cheating on her.

Twitter user The Pious One took to social media to narrate how her uncle is fighting for his life after his wife used a broken bottle to slash his throat.

According to the lady, this is not the first time her uncle's wife had made such attempt.

Find her tweets below:

Innallillahi wa’ina illahi rajiun! My uncle’s wife has cut his throat with a broken bottle he is at the emergency unit right now. Before now, she has made two attempts to stab him with a knife but didn’t succeed, she has today. Please keep my uncle in your prayers.

Every fight my uncle ever had with his wife is on the basis of her accusing him on cheating on her or chatting with other women. And she has always threatened that she will kill him one day all means please and please avoid excessively jealous women.

Guys I’m still shouting this today, stay away from women who make threats on your lives either verbaly or physically. I said same thing when Maryam Sanda’s news broke. Today I’m screaming it bcz my uncle life was almost taken today. The marriage is only 2years old.

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