'Christianity is Europe's last hope' says Hungary's Prime Minister

Hungary's Prime Minister has claimed that 'Christianity is Europe's last hope' as he accused politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris of causing the 'decline of Christian culture and the advance of Islam’.

Viktor Orban said this was caused by politicians favoring migration.

Orban said Sunday during his 20th annual state of the nation speech that his government will oppose efforts by the United Nations or the European Union to make migration acceptable to the world.

He conjured the image of a Western Europe overtaken by Muslims, saying that "born Germans are being forced back from most large German cities, as migrants always occupy big cities first.”

'Christianity is Europe's last hope. Our worst nightmares can come true. The West falls as it fails to see Europe being overrun,’ Orban told an audience at the Royal Castle in Budapest.

Orban claimed that Islam would soon "knock on Central Europe's door" from the west as well as the south.

Orban will seek a third term in an April election.

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