Coalition for Nigeria Movement: Obasanjo registers first as member

The former President Olusegun Obasanjo today registered first as a member of the coalition for Nigeria movement (CNM).

Obasanjo when delivering his speech at the press center, Iwe Iroyin Oke Ilewo Abeokuta said the purpose of the movement is to give special attention and space to youths and women who in most cases have been victims and underlings.

Obasanjo stressed that the instruments used so far in nation building and governance since independence have not served the citizens well, hence Coalition for Nigeria Movement is proposed as the new direction to mobilise the population for unity, cooperation, law and order, justice, welfare and well-being.

He disclosed further that the movement is not about personality or personalities but about platform and system also to give hope to the youths, dignity and encouragement to women and security, confidence and a promising future to all Nigerians.

While enjoined youths and women to put all hands on deck and support the movement to bring about a new democratic and efficient Nigeria, he said the movement must speak up boldly and bluntly and in truth in accordance with African culture.

Chief Olusegun however made it clear that the movement does not regard itself as third force but sees itself as a popular movement that will accommodate all Nigerians irrespective of their political interest or affiliations and will propel Nigeria forward.

Furthermore, he said the movement will spearhead process, programme, policies and priorities to make Nigeria a great country playing its expected roles within west Africa and the world.

According to him, Nigerian youths will be emboldened, empowered, have employment and play meaningful and responsible roles in the leadership and governance of the country in all ramifications while women will have dignity and equal consideration with men in the affairs of Nigeria.

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