Father-in-law forces bride to kiss him in front of shocked groom, guests at the wedding (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment when a drunk father forcefully smooches his daughter-in-law in front of his son and dozens of guests at a wedding reception in east China.

Footage uploaded online shows the man walking the bride to the front of the stage before grabbing her from the back and kissing her on the lips.

The family posted a note online three days after the incident, explaining that the father expressed regret for his inappropriate behaviour, according to Chinese media.

A wedding host, who refused to be named, has confirmed to FaZhi Evening Post that the incident took place at Wuzhou International Plaza in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province, on February 22.

'I was introducing the bride as they were walking on the stage and the father kissed his new daughter-in-law suddenly,' the host said.

The 8-second clip captures the father, said to be drunk, taking his new daughter-in-law, who was dressing in a Chinese traditional wedding gown, up the stage and suddenly kissing on her.

Dozens of guests and the groom were shocked as the host was introducing the bride as 'an elegant lady'.

There were rumours circulating on WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app, claiming 'the son had beaten up his father' and 'the father committed suicide' after the incident.

Similar wedding videos were uploaded to Chinese social media where web users claiming that the two families were fighting after the kissing.  

A relative of the groom told the reporter that the brawl videos were not related to the incident.

Jiangsu Police had investigated into the matter and confirmed the wedding brawl video took place in Huai'an, another city of Jiangsu Province, on February 15.

The couple's family posted to ask web users to stop spreading rumours.


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