Hardworking lady who does POP for a living acquires new Lexus SUV (PHOTOS)

A hardworking lady has become an internet sensation after reaping the fruit of her labour.

Ebiminor Preye’s job dominated by men in Nigeria.

Ebiminor, who is a painter and also does POP (Plaster of Paris) for a living, recently acquired a new car.

Her friends have been congratulating her on Facebook. 

Donseth Beat wrote: “Dear slay queen, before you sleep tonight, I just want to tell you that this lady bought this car today with her money. My face book friend Ebiminor Preye is a hard working young lady, i have been following her for some time. While most of you were following Malaysian boys up and down during Christmas, she was at different building sites doing #POp work. 
There is dignity in labour, maximize your singleness. learn to have a life before running into a man's house and you won't regret it.
This days no man is ready to accommodate a liability.
This kind of people should be your role model not all those fake Instagram queens jumping from one hotel to the other. 
Congratulations once again @#Ebiminor”

Emeka Ezeagbor wrote: “Meet my friend Ebiminor Preye who does #pop for a living and has achieved a lot in life through her skill of pop making and has just bought herself a car to ease her movement.

It’s never too late to have a rethink and do something that could benefit you and people around you.

The bottom line is: Believe in yourself, stay focused. Not jumping from one man’s bed🛏 to another or taking 2fraud to survive.

Congratulations once again my good friend👏🏻👏🏿 we love you 😍 

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