Jealous woman 'cuts off her boyfriend's penis for complimenting another woman’s looks’

A jealous girlfriend has allegedly cut off her boyfriend's penis after finding out he had complimented another woman's looks.

Zhana Nurzhanova became furious when she found out her boyfriend had sent his sister pictures of another woman.

The victim, who has not been named, sent the pictures of an acquaintance, complimenting her on her appearance.

After finding out about the pictures, Nurzhanova, 36, slipped her boyfriend a sleeping pill and waited for him to pass off.

The woman, who works at a beauty salon in Astana, Kazakhstan, then allegedly injected him with a local anaesthetic and cut off his willy.

Nurzhanova then drove the victim to hospital for treatment, where she was arrested after doctors called the police.

Unfortunately for the victim, surgeons have been unable to reattach his member.

Nurzhanova is facing three to six years jail if she is found guilty.

Residents in Astana have been commenting on the case on forums, speculating on her motive.

One said: “It looks like she made this decision with a cool head.

“She planned to all before committing the crime.”

DailyStar/Photo credit: CEN

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  1. This woman is crazy she deserves more than six years imprisonment with hard labor


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