Meet the 2 Nigerian sisters aged 23 and 21 who are pilots (PHOTOS)

A Nigerian family is being celebrated for producing two female pilots, 21-year-old Precious and 23-year-old Efe. 

The ladies were hosted and honored by the Kogi State government at the government House some months ago.

The ladies are set to leave for Canada to further their studies.

FC Mbabie posted their pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Astounding achievement should be celebrated in Nigeria. Today I was in the home of Efe and Precious in Abuja. Both are of thesame parents at age 23 and 21 they are pilots. Indigens of Delta State.Kogi State Government recognized them in Government House and former governor Idris also hosted.
Their State of Origin I wish should do thesame as they set to leave for Canad for more studies.”

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