15-year-old Indian girl married off to an older Nigerian man (PHOTOS)

This is the moment a gloomy teenage girl is being married off to an older Nigerian man. 

Social media users in India have been reacting to the union with anger.

According to Raj Kumar Rai, the name of the girl is Sabiha Banu and the man Abu Bakr Al Moum.

He wrote: “Sabiha Banu from Mangalore married (or sold) to Abu Bakr Al Moum of Nigeria.”

The girl is believed to be around 15 years old while the man looks 60.

The wedding ceremony took place in Karnataka, a state in South western region of India.

Below are a few reactions to the marriage:

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  1. We are the living race with different cultures, people should learn to respect the culture of other even if they think it's not a good culture due to their culture.
    In Muslim culture it's Okey marrying a girl at the age of baalegh which is between 9 yrs to 14 yrs.
    In the western uncivilized culture they hold that marrying a girl under 18 is a child marriage, for them it's Okey for these girls to commit adultery and it's Okey if they get pregnant out of marriage than in the marriage - this act of refusing human rights to the girls by marrying them when their bodies needs it is a crime but no one sees it.
    What makes the people see that the girl has been sold? Is it because the man is an African-nigerian? If a an Indian old man marries a girl, will the response bee the same? THIS IS RACISM ON MY OPINION.


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