Kaduna secondary school teachers to write competence test soon – El-Rufai

Kaduna state Governor Nasir el-Rufai has disclosed that competency tests for secondary school teachers will soon be conducted across the state.

Speaking on Sunday on his Twitter handle, El-Rufai noted that the state is committed to restoring the integrity of the teaching profession. 

He also revealed that the state government has decided to pay urban teachers in the state 27.5% higher than average civil servants, while rural teachers will earn 32.5% higher than their other civil service colleagues to attract the best to the teaching profession. 

“We are doing our best to restore the integrity of the teaching profession. We have finished tests for primary school teachers and we are going to administer competency tests for secondary school teachers.”

“Our state government has decided that urban teachers will be paid twenty seven and half percent higher than average civil servants while rural teachers will be paid thirty two and half percent higher to attract the best.”

Kaduna state government conducted a similar test for the over 30,000 primary school teachers in the state last year in which 21,780 failed to obtain 70% pass mark.

Those who failed were sacked and replaced with newly recruited 25,000 teachers. 

This sparked a huge controversy with the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) and the umbrella body for workers, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) calling it unfair treatment of teachers.
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