Man who married 2 wives in order to have a male child now has 6 daughters

A man has revealed how he ended up having 6 daughters after his father forced him to marry another wife in order to have a male child. 

According to him, after marrying the second wife, his father almost made him take a third wife in search for a son, but he refused.

Below is the man’s story as shared by The Humans of Abuja (THOA):

"I have lots of thoughts in my head. I used to be married to just one wife and I was happy with that. We got married and have 4 girls. My father who's late now wouldn't hear of it. He said I'm his only son and I needed to have a male child to continue his lineage. He was an educated man so he knew a woman has nothing to do with the sex of a child. He said, since I didn't have any luck in giving my wife a male child maybe some other woman would. 

"He encouraged me into taking a second wife which I did but I still didn't have any luck with her. She gave me two female children. He almost made me take a third which I refused. Handling two women alone is difficult enough, a third would have been impossible. 

"He passed away after a few years and no one bothered me about it again. Strangely, my mother doesn't have any problem with I not having a male child. But it's beginning to bother me these days. I've been thinking, 'what if I died tomorrow, so no one would be here to continue our family lineage'. Maybe I should just adopt a boy child that would bear my name. But how would my wives take it? These are the things I think about and exactly what I'm sitting here and thinking about right now."

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